Seal to Go Report

Seal to Go Report

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To ensure that you receive the exact merchandise that you ordered, we offer a secure way of sending our items through the SEALED to GO process. This process will be done by a third party gemologist who will inspect and compare your diamond or jewelry purchase with the certificate and/or appraisal that has been issued. Upon final inspection, your item will be photographed digitally and placed in a sealed and stamped envelope. This will insure the customer that they are receiving the item as described on the certificate and/or appraisal.

In the event that an item is returned, packages will go through the same process. Once the item is returned to us, we will forward the package to the third party gemologist for inspection. The gemologist will inspect each item and compare with the original certificates and/or appraisal in order to confirm the diamond or jewelry returned. Credits will be issued uppon final inspection of the returned item.
Sealed to Go Report

This item/s _____________________ has been inspected and sealed By _____________________,


Signature: _________________

Metal Type: ________________ Weight: _______ Grading: ______________

Center Stone Type: __________ Weight: _______Grading: ______________

Side Stone Type: ____________ Weight: _______ Grading: _____________

NOTE: Shipment charges (both ways) apply to any returned goods. Automatic $25 will be deducted from your original refunded amount.