A time bomb waiting to explode!

Selling lab grown diamonds has become a new tactic which has forcefully emerged as a trend and habit within the jewelry industry as a means for jewelers and online retailers to make a fast and easy buck! It’s very clear that man made diamonds are manufactured in mass quantities by the hours in countries like India, China, and even in US. Over a few thousands of new stones are pouring into the market on a daily basis with endless limitations! Everyday more new individuals, mom and pop growers open so called labs in each corner of Surat, India or Henan Province, China.


Lab-grown diamonds have no resale value, meaning no jeweler will buy it back. If you try to sell lab-grown diamonds to a jewelry store, a pawn shop or on EBay, you’ll get pennies on the dollar for it. Regardless, due to massive profit percentages and price comparisons to a real diamonds, it becomes easier to convince some uninformed buyers shopping for engagement rings or jewelry pieces to lead them choose a lab grown over a natural diamond. Often many jewelers indirectly encourage their clients by comparing prices with “real natural diamonds” and by not disclosing the real value and investment factor of this emotional purchase.


Sellers and some jewelers unknowingly, or in many cases knowingly ignore the real fact of the cost of manufacturing a lab grown diamond, and still proceed to offer and indirectly encourage buyers to buy or invest in a lab grown diamond, nevertheless informing the buyer of the value of the item after they left their store or website. They fail to even disclose how much these items cost to manufacturer in factories overseas!


After months studying different machines and factories overseas, our estimated average cost for each diamond to get to market prior to a IGI certification cost is $150 per carat finished and as a polished product.($100 cutting and labor and $50 seed ) The rest is history.


Starting in 2019, online jewelry retailers and brick and mortar jewelry stores on average sold a 2ct Round G VS2 lab created diamond for apx.$9,500. That same item today averages for apx. $4,500 and will continually crash until it reaches more or less to $150-$175 per carat. Meanwhile the growers in India and China are reaping the overwhelming profits by using innocent and desperate jewelers(online and in stores) who are just looking for not losing an engagement sale transaction to another competitor site or store that is forcing lab-grown instead real natural diamonds.


The story gets even more interesting…

The above information is just a small sample of our figures, as of the 2nd half of 2021, we are even witnessing sales of 5 carat lab grown diamonds for $30,000 to $40,000 within the jewelry industry with the same cost of manufacturing and growing of approximately $150 per cart!


How is the price source of lab grown diamonds is determined you may ask? The pricing source of laboratory grown diamonds initiated from a wholesale list that analyzes ONLY “Real Natural Diamonds” on a weekly basis that precisely analyzes every size, shape, color and clarity that enters into the market or shorts demand from the Real Natural Diamond market. It is then adjusted to reflect the price changes accordingly for that particular category combination and the results are published to the members of diamond market all over world every Friday at 12am.

The above scale was developed in the 1950s to measure rarity of Color & Clarity of ONLY "Natural Diamonds" But lab-grown diamonds are nothing even close to measure in those terms.

The sad truth is some desperate retail jewelers today have accepted the fact to use this non-related natural diamond price list as a factor to list their lab-grown diamonds the same way, and use as a price source of lab-grown item!!!


What we think…


Natural diamonds obtain their value from their scarcity as a natural, billion-year-old precious gem and have shown over decades to grow in value, because they are limited. In fact their value retention has made them a store of wealth for centuries. The truth is, lab-grown diamonds are a manufactured product and thus their value is tied strictly to the cost of production. Similar to other tech products, as technology improves and the cost of production declines, so does the value. This is why the price of lab-grown diamonds has continued to decline year over year. A similar pattern has been seen in the case of syntactic sapphires and rubies.