DiamondonNet Video Manuscript

Welcome to DiamondonNet.com, the home of a wholesale diamond manufacturer that is quickly gaining a reputation for quality of service and merchandise within the online jewelry industry.

DiamondonNet was recently rated one of the top five lowest-priced jewelry dealers in the United States. Hundreds of consumers have relied on the site's expertise and connections to help them find their diamonds and jewelry. Also, DiamondonNet is rated AAA by the Better Business Bureau. This is the highest rating that a company can get.

DiamondonNet is gaining so much success by partnering the client with the best pieces of jewelry at the lowest price. Many satisfied consumers have even highlighted their positive buying experiences right here on the company's website.

The specialists here at DiamondonNet, help visitors acquire the jewelry they want at the best prices by working directly with DeBeers site holders. The company's professionals help consumers search, locate and preview their perfect piece.

DiamondonNet also attributes their success to the personalized customer service and the company's ability to offer competitive prices by not working through a "middle man" in the diamond buying process.

With over 20 years of experience in the jewelry buying business, the professionals at DiamondonNet provide a reliable, stress-free solution for online jewelry shoppers.

As a courtesy to our clients, DiamondonNet offers Lifetime inspections, Repair, cleaning, major steaming and even resizing on items purchased from us. We will even check your diamond's mounting and setting and retightened if necessary. All you need to do is pay round-trip shipping. With proper care, your diamond jewelry will last a lifetime.

Each order will come with a free jewelry solution, so you may clean your jewelry at home.

Let's talk now with DiamondonNet manager Marjan.

Interview with Marjan

Marjan, what can you tell us about DiamondonNet prices?

We manufacturer our own diamonds and custom make our own jewelry. We are one of the few diamond manufacturers directly offering goods online today. Unlike traditional stores, we do not deal with overhead costs and do not go through a third-party to purchase our diamonds. This allows us to offer our items at a lower price and pass the savings on to our customers.

What can you tell us about the inventory of DiamondonNet?

We stock are our own inventory and carry a large variety of diamonds and custom made jewelry. This includes white gold and yellow gold and platinum. We also carry the largest inventory of diamond engagement rings online.

How can buyers learn more about diamonds?

Buyers can educate themselves with a large amount of detailed information on our "education page." There they can learn about the 4C's - Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat weight. Also on our "Education Page" viewers can read the "Top Ten Tips on How to Buy Engagement Rings" DiamondonNet also provides one of a kind customer service care that will answer any questions that you might have.

What can you say about the quality of your diamonds?

We carry GIA EGL USA certified diamonds and beautifully crafted jewelry.

DiamondonNet understands that you may have some hesitation about ordering something so extravagant online. This is exactly why they have created a unique trial period for your purchase. You submit a deposit with your purchase. They will hold the deposit up to 5 days while you examine the item to see if it's right for. After you make your decision about the item, you can either keep the item or send it back to DiamondonNet for further adjustments. Upon our receipt of the items back from our clients, the deposit will be immediately credited back to your debit/credit card. All the proper shipping/insurance materials will be supplied by DiamondonNet.