Lucida Engagement Ring

14K gold Prong set choose your own center stone solitaire ring.


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Additional Information

  • Stock ID :
  • RN6011S
  • Metal :
  • 14K:White
  • Center Carat Range :
  • 0.10 to 2.50 ct.
  • Measurement :
  • 3 mm inch.
  • Setting Fits :
  • Asscher, Cushion, Princess, Round
  • Also available in :

Information Guide

Pave Setting Details

Pave Setting Details prong type information This setting is used for numerous diamonds set together in a tight cluster or group, with minimal metal showing. Giving the impression that the piece of jewelry is entirely paved with stones.

The settings are either created by use of tiny prongs that hold the jewels on both sides, or are crafted by scooping beads of precious metal out to hold the diamonds in place.

Customer Feedback

Didier August, 16 2009

I found DiamondonNet while doing a search for wholesale diamonds. I was tired going to the jewelery stores in Miami and dealing with sales people who didnt listen to what I wanted and always tried to sell me things I didnt want even if I had already told them no. Not only that but my girlfriend always admired the asscher cut and many stores dont carry them nor did they even know what they were, trying to sell me princess cuts saying its almost the same, but not even close. I contacted BJ and he told me about the asschers he had in my price range andput an asscher stone on hold for me that he thought I would like. Two months later, I was away from home on a weekend business trip in LA and BJ called me to see if I was still interested in the stone he still had with my name on it. I told him I was in LA, and didnt have all my diamond research information with me. He paused on the phone and said My office is in LA. I told him I didnt have a car, and was kind of stuck in downtown. He said My office is downtown, what hotel are you staying at?. I told him the hotel, and he informed me that I could walk over to his office to come see the stones he had. As everyone knows, LA is by no means a walkable city, and his office was literally 3 blocks from where I was staying. So I walked over, and met BJ. What an amazing stroke of good luck, fate really!!! If he hadnt called me that day and at that time, I would have never been able to go see him and all of his beautiful things. Together we picked out a few asschers that were the best in my price range, including the original one he had selected for me. He has so much to choose from, its difficult to pick, I really needed his help. BJ was honest and has impeccable taste. He explained to me that a REAL asscher has to be perfectly square or it is called a square emerald. He had one stone that was slightly smaller than the ones I was more interested in, but it was perfectly cut and a better color. You could really tell the difference, that stone just looked better than all the rest. It really sparkled. I was so excited that he called me that day, and decided to tell my girlfriend, who was with me in LA, about the amazing coincidence. The next day we went back together, she had to meet him and see his beautiful things. She too loved the stone that BJ and I picked out. When we returned home to Miami I called BJ and ordered that stone, and the setting that my girlfriend liked. The ring is perfect, and the experience was just as wonderful. I cannot thank BJ enough for his honesty, professionalism and excellent service. I wish the rating system went above a 5 on here because BJ really deserves a 10!!

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