Diamond and Jewellery News

GIA’s Jewelry Career Fair to Show Special Diamond Jewelry

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) will have an Open House for its annual Jewelry Career ... Read more

Identifying Lab-Grown Diamonds

Gem quality synthetic diamonds are more available in today’s jewelry marketplace than ever ... Read more

Jewelry among top gainers on Cyber Monday

New York--Consumer spending on ’Cyber Monday’ reached a record $1.47 billion, with je... Read more

Natural Diamonds vs Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Natural Diamonds vs Laboratory Grown Diamonds


 ... Read more


RAPAPORT… U.S. consumer confidence rose 11 percent year on year in July to 65.9 points (19... Read more

Realty Show in a Jewelry Store

New York - casting director Sean De Simone recently told National Jeweler that he is casting a ne... Read more