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GIA’s Jewelry Career Fair to Show Special Diamond Jewelry

created: Jan, 01 1970

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) will have an Open House for its annual Jewelry Career Fair on October 16 at the Institute’s headquarters in Carlsbad, California. A yearly opportunity to visit GIA and its Museum without an appointment. The GIA Jewelry Career Fair is a free event from 8 am to 2:30 pm on October 16, Friday.

On display will be the "Shibuki" necklace which means "splash" in Japanese, recently seen at this year’s Emmy Awards by an actress from Beverly Hills 90210. It is made up of 5.52 carats of diamonds set in 158 grams of platinum and is one of the 4 featured "Aqua Collection".

Over 130 pieces will be showcased in the GIA Museum, including trilliant-cut gems from 7 to 81 carats, gem crystals such as tanzanite, emerald and aquamarine, jewelry by Fulco Verdura and Pierre Sterlé and Larissa Podgoretz, equipment and books.

De Beers launched new idea called "Everlon"

DeBeers and Diamond Trading Co. (sightholders) have divulged their latestdiamond concept called "Everlon Diamond Knot Collection", aimed toimpact the 2009 holiday sales.

The Everlon Diamond Knot is basedon the Hercules knot which is an ancient symbol of strength and securedby a diamond at the center. The knot along with the strongest mineralknown to man, is a symbol of the lasting strength of a couple’s love.

Accordingto recent survey by De Beers on American consumers, 61% of females and58% of males expressed interest in the Everlon jewelry. The resultsexceeded the benchmarks set by past best-selling diamond jewelryconcepts such as the "Three Stone" (past, preset and future) and the"Journey". Diamonds are furthermost the best gift of love despite therecession. According to the research conducted in June 2009, 7 of 10women think that the diamond jewelry is the most romantic gift a mancan give a woman.

The Everlon campaign will run on TVcommercials starting on November, print advertising starting this monthof September including online and public relations support, drivingconsumers to