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DiamondonNet's Ideal Asscher Cut Round Cut Diamonds
Ideal Asscher Cut
Only the finest chosen raw diamonds are cut to produce DiamondonNet Ideal Asscher Cut diamond to make sure of the precise proportions to get absolutely perfect length-to-width ratios. One of the major differences of DiamondonNet Ideal Asscher Cut diamond and the standard emerald cut in the industry is its wider corners. This perfect angle can capture more light from this eight corner as it reflect square pattern that product more brightness and sparkles. more
Asscher cut
Shape:  Asscher Cut
Lab Report:  GIA, EGL
Depth%: 58% - 67%
Table%: 53 - 62%
Polish:  Ideal to VG
Symmetry:  Ideal to VG
Crown Height:  10 - 16.5%
L/W Ratio:  Square (1.00:1.05)
Available Ideal Cut Shapes:
round diamond thumbnail   Round Cut
princess diamond thumbnail   Princess Cut
emerald cut diamond thumbnail   Emerald Cut
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2.01F VVS2GIA68% 65%SX X$15,125.97DETAILS
1.61G VS1GIA68% 61%NX / VGX$11,908.75DETAILS
1.62G VS1GIA66.7% 68%NX / VGX$11,829.09DETAILS
1.52E SI1GIA67% 66%NVG / XX$10,646.60DETAILS
1.50D SI1GIA67% 63%NX / VGX$10,172.97DETAILS
3.37I VS1EGLUSA71% 61%MX / XX$22,407.13DETAILS
2.03E VS2EGLUSA63.4% 70%NVG / XX$18,918.59DETAILS
2.53H VS1EGLUSA68% 63%NX / XX$16,408.32DETAILS
2.53H VVS2EGLUSA68% 63%NX / XX$16,408.32DETAILS
2.50H VS2EGLUSA67.4% 62%NX / XX$16,388.15DETAILS
1.61E VS1EGLUSA69% 60%NX / XX$11,908.75DETAILS
1.71G VVS2EGLUSA70.8% 66%NX X$11,017.51DETAILS
1.52D VS2EGLUSA67% 67%NVG / XX$10,646.60DETAILS
1.50D VS2EGLUSA67% 63%NVG / XX$10,172.97DETAILS
1.16H VS1EGLUSA70% 70%NVG X$4,364.71DETAILS
2.01E SI1GIA70.1% 69%NVG / VGX$14,788.58DETAILS
3.02H VS1EGLUSA65% 73%FX / XX$24,704.96DETAILS
5.01I VS1GIA66.6% 61%SX / XX$62,800.35DETAILS
2.51G VVS2GIA67.5% 62%NX / XX$27,331.64DETAILS
3.01I VVS2GIA68.3% 63%NX / XX$25,098.89DETAILS
2.50G VVS2GIA66.4% 61%MX / XX$24,647.63DETAILS
2.60H VVS2GIA66.4% 62%NX / XX$24,400.74DETAILS
2.40E VS2GIA66.3% 60%SX / VGX$21,974.40DETAILS
1.90E VS1GIA68.3% 67%FX / VGX$13,482.21DETAILS
1.93G VVS2GIA67.1% 78%NVG / VGX$13,063.98DETAILS
1.80G VVS1GIA66.1% 62%NX / XX$13,047.30DETAILS
1.51D VVS1GIA67.3% 62%MX / XX$11,932.78DETAILS
1.81H VVS1GIA66.2% 60%NX / XX$11,679.57DETAILS
1.72F VVS2GIA66% 61%MX / XX$11,248.80DETAILS
1.50F VVS1GIA66.3% 62%FX / GX$10,251.45DETAILS
1.83I VVS2GIA66.6% 61%NX / XX$9,319.24DETAILS
1.52H VVS2GIA67.2% 63%NX / XX$8,658.44DETAILS
1.30F VVS1GIA66.4% 62%NX / XX$8,431.15DETAILS
1.51I VVS1GIA66% 61%NX / XX$6,952.28DETAILS
1.07D VVS2GIA60.1% 69%NX / VGX$6,647.91DETAILS

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